Amos Yee released: teenage blogger appeared “traumatised”

At around 5:20pm on July 6, teenage blogger Amos Yee walked out the doors of Singapore’s State Courts alongside his mother.

The crowd of reporters, photographers and camera operators, who had been waiting outside for hours, scrambled to catch the pair, surrounding them as they made their way through the courtyard.

The 16-year-old, who had been convicted of posting obscene material online and wounding religious feelings, was free, but he looked startlingly different from the boy who had dominated headlines in pervious months. Yee was known for his provocative views, cocky grins and carefree attitude as he entered court on earlier occasions.

Now he appeared pale and gaunt, often shaking as he clutched a bag containing his belongings. He mostly looked down as he was ushered away from the court, and struggled to utter more than a couple of words during his release….

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