ERT: Inside the Occupation

This documentary takes place over a day in the early stages of the occupation on the Greek public broadcasting corporation, ERT.

Taking place in ERT HQ in Athens, this film follows the Greek government’s shock decision to close the country’s sole public broadcaster. This is the first in a series of films which go inside the ERT occupation, looking at the lives of the staff and people involved. I shot this footage in Athens and Thessaloniki between June 17th & July 10th, 2013.

This is arguably the first ever ‘media occupation’; where trained and experienced journalists took control of a broadcasting station, with no business or political pressure, to produce material the they wanted.

There’s already been a great deal written about the ERT closure from far more informed and able writers than me. This film merely provides an insight into the turmoil which has become part of everyday life in Greece during the Eurozone crisis.  The information we uncovered wasn’t hard to come by; it usually just involved speaking to people. So when you hear of the undemocratic methods which were involved in the ERT closure, this was just the tip of the ice-burg in a far greater issue which is gripping Greece.

In the film, I basically tried to condense a highly complicated set of issues into the space of around 10 minutes. I had to lose a few things I would have otherwise have

I tried to sum up, as best I could, the sense of desperation, frustration and anger felt by so many in Greece, both with interviews and observational-documentary. The interviews are in place to give a perspective on the situation, but for me the real emotion came through during the crisis meetings, where you only have to watch the expressions on the peoples’ faces to understand.

It’s worth reinforcing, the fight for ERT is still on-going, and three months on from the film, many of the staff are still in the building as you read this.



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